Volkswagen Beetle Window Defect Lawsuit

Our Law Firm is investigating a proposed class action lawsuit regarding failures of the power window components in Volkswagen Beetle vehicles (model years 2012 to present).  As a result of this defect, Beetle owners have reported multiple problems including the inability to close the window, inability to open the window, immediate lowering after the window is closed, and even returning to a parked car to find the window opened.

Our investigation reveals that VW has not alerted consumers about the Power Window Defect and refuses to fix the defect when it is reported to dealers.  Evidently, dealers routinely advise owners that they cannot fix the defect until Volkswagen of America develops a solution.  If your VW Bug suffers from a power window failure, it is important to preserve the evidence of the failure.  Accordingly, if it is possible to take pictures of the failed components or retain the failed parts , you should do so.  You should also make sure that you are provided a written service record confirming you complained to the dealer about the problem and the dealer’s inability to fix it.

If you have owned or leased a Volkswagen Beetle that has suffered a power window failure and you are interested in learning more about how we can help, please provide the following information:

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